Are you looking for better bio-availability and a more rapid delivery of your formulas as well as longer shelf life, easier swallowability, higher absorption, and amongst other qualities, higher consumer confidence in the product well? Softgels are a great way to do just that.

The soft gelatin capsules are a one-piece hermetically sealed shell that protects the efficacy and shelf life of your products.

Softgels are available in regular, chewable, cosmetic, and enteric coated forms.

Capsules are a great way for powders that are unable to be pressed into tablets, herbal powder supplements, plant powders, or mineral supplements to be delivered to your customers.

Our hard shell capsules offer clients a product that is a well-proven way of delivering their formulas to their customers. With the options for colors and fillings, these can be unique ways to create supplements for your customers. We offer the following options for capsules- regular gelatin, fish gelatin, and vegetable (vegetarian) capsules.

Contact us for capsule options and varieties.

Tablets are perhaps the most common form used in the manufacturing for pharmaceutical drugs and nutraceutical supplements, tablets offer many varieties of form, size, and composition.

We are proud to offer many of the standard tablets including chewable tablets, film-coated tablets, sugar-coated tablets, moisture protection tablets, sustained release tablets, and effervescent tablets.

Feel free to contact us about available types of tablets.